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DermaCool Cryogen cooling sparyDermaCool United Kingdom Cyrogen Spray Canister for Candela Lasers.

At Dermacool, Our Medical product division sells the Cyrogen spray Canisters to fit into all Candela lasers. We ship and supply all of United Kingdom. They come in both the 24 ounces (680 grams) canisters and the 35.2 ounce (1000 grams) canisters. These are sold by the case only. Our pricing is one of the lowest on the market today. Our customer service is unparaleled. Our product is from one of the worlds largest producers of medical gas and our 134a /p DermaCool cryogen is guaranteed to have a minimum purity of 99.99%.

Whatever your needs or application either for hair removal or vascular lesions you will be surprised at the high quality of our cryogen. One of our largest users claims to get more pulses from our cryogen canisters over many of our competitors.

Please call us about DERMACOOL and all your coolant spray needs TODAY!

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12 x 24 oz canisters
(680 grams)
($35.00 each)
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12 x 35.2 oz canisters
(1000 grams)
($45.00 Each)
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